Mark Redner

Mark_Redner_bioMark is a Healing Revivalist, a passionate lover of God and people. He carries the manifest presence of God, igniting revival everywhere he goes.  Mark has a vision to see unity in the greater body of Christ and like a modern day John the Baptist prophetically sounds a call to prepare the way for God’s presence to be poured out with signs & wonders following. Together with his wife Kiwanda Redner he leads the ongoing Kinburn Revival in Canada’s Capital where 1000’s have come & experienced the tangible presence of God – resulting in countless miraculous healings and salvations!

Rabbi Michael Gertsman

Rabbi MicMichael_Gertsman_biohael Gertsman is founder and director of Lion of Judah Ministries. In 2007, he moved to Israel, and now travels internationally as a conference speaker. He spends summers in Canada doing apostolic style ministry in churches from coast-to-coast but with much emphasis on the Ottawa Valley region. He has a strong prophetic gifting and understands God’s heartbeat for the Ottawa Valley.

Jerame Nelson

Jeremy NelsonJerame Nelson is a prophetic revivalist and the founder of Living at His Feet Ministries. He is an author, as well as a well-known international conference speaker and a crusade revivalist to the nations. Jerame has a powerful word of knowledge and healing gift, along with a strong anointing for miracles and the supernatural. Signs, wonders and miracles follow his ministry, and many people testify of their spiritual senses being opened up after he comes to minister. It is Jerame’s passion to equip the body of Christ in the areas of hearing God’s voice, as well as in walking in the supernatural power of God in everyday life.

Jerame and his wife, Miranda, live in Pasadena, California, and work together in the ministry to change the lives of thousands through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Shyju Mathew


Rev. Shyju Mathew, 30, is a renowned evangelist, author, pastor and the president of Revive Nations. Shyju began preaching from seven years of age and began travelling for ministry at the age of eleven. Many thousands have been healed, saved, and blessed across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America as he has been faithful to the call of God. After twenty years of preaching and travelling to 16 countries and many more cities, a decade old prophecy came to pass in July 2013 to Pastor for a season in “A land of snow.” In faith Shyju and his wife moved to Montreal, Canada where they hold the Senior Pastor position at Emmanuel Pentecostal Church, in Montreal. He is being used by God as a prophet to stir up the hearts of this revival generation with a fresh love for God! For more information about Shyju Mathew and his ministery, Revive Nations, click here.

Barry Maracle

MaracleBarry Maracle grew up on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. He now resides in Belleville, Ontario with his wife Tammy and there 5 children, Brandon, Sarah, Caleb, Victoria and Abigail. Barry and Tammy’s children are 5th generation Spirit filled, born again believer’s. Tammy and Barry have been married for 22 years and are involved together in several ministry and business initiatives.

Barry graduated from St. Lawrence College in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. God blessed them immensely and they were able to pay cash for the business by 1999. He ran the business until 2009 when God called him to be a full time minister, leaving the business world for a season. This allowed Barry to travel more extensively across North America and throughout the world preaching the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom. The message of the Kingdom that God has ordained Barry to proclaim, deals greatly with, “Purpose”. One of Barry’s quotes is, “Life is not the rigidity of a destiny driven towards as much as it is the fluidity of a Purpose fulfilled.” He often declares that the process is just as important as the destination. Through conferences, churches and good old fashion camp meetings, Barry preaches the Greatness of God’s Dream being manifested corporately and individually. The Power of God with many signs, wonders and miracles are consistently in operation in these meetings.

Barry is ordained as a Reverend, Apostle and Prophet with MMI out of Tennessee under presiding Bishop, Dr. Tony Slay. He is also ordained with Pastor Jeff Johns out of Indiana and Eagle Worldwide Ministries out of Hamilton, Ontario under the Leadership of Dr. Russ Moyer.

Barry has served in several different ministries. Tammy and Barry served as youth leaders at Evangel Temple in Napanee in 1989-90 under Pastor Rick Mete and Pastor Bill Innis. They went on to serve Rev. Kenn Scott at the Living Word Ministry Centre in Kingston, for 4 years. They also served Pastor David and Erica Bowbeer on Barry’s home Territory for 4 years as well. The largest part of there ministry would be based out of Desert Stream Christian Fellowship, in Belleville Ontario, where Barry operates in the office of the Prophet and where he has helped serve Apostle Kevin Dowling for over 15 years. Covenant and honour has been a Key to Barry’s success in ministry as he learned while serving his Grandfather, the late Reverend A.C. Maracle Sr., until he passed in 1999.

Barry’s two main prayers in life are:

First and foremost to know God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and secondly to be the Best father he can be. These two God given passions have caused Barry to understand his calling and election and even though he enjoys and is called to preach to the masses, his passion is for the leadership, releasing them into their maximized potential within their purpose. This is lived out through Fathering, coaching and mentoring many ministers and marketplace people in Media, Business, Family, Religious, Political and other spheres of influence, in culture. Barry is preparing people to invade darkness and be the light that the Creator of all gave His life for us to be.

Barry’s passion and Dream in life is to cause your Dream to come true. No matter who you are, you have a God Given Dream on the Inside of you that need’s to come forth. Barry knows that if your Dream comes forth and is manifested in this life than God’s Dream for His Creation is coming to wholeness. One last quote, “If you can believe… Your BEST days are yet to come!”.

Sammy Robinson

Sammy_Robinson_bioSammy Robinson is a young man with a passion to see this generation raised up to the fullness of their potential in God.  God has called Sammy at this time to stir up the youth and young adults in Canada to serve God and walk in purity and the power of the Holy Spirit.  He helps his dad oversee Revival Canada Christian Ministries and heads up his own ministry called “Voice of Revival” which hosts conferences and schools for “youth, young adults and the young at heart”.  His goal is to raise up and release dozens of young revivalists and evangelists into the  harvest fields in Canada and beyond. From Sammy Robinson, voiceofrevival.ca

John Laframboise (Razz)

RAZZ (2)John Laframboise is a young Canadian revivalist and the Founder of Harvest Culture Ministries. John operates powerfully in healing and the prophetic. Signs and wonders follow him wherever he goes, and he has been witness to God’s glory poured out and power bestowed in many nations all over the world. Numerous churches where John has ministered have received a fresh understanding as well as a strong impartation of revelation and the supernatural bringing them into a higher level and operation in the Spirit.

John’s ardent passion is to see the lost come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the expression of God’s love and the demonstration of His incomprehensible power. As a veteran street minister, John understands God’s extravagant love for ALL the lost and the urgency to equip and prepare the church for the end time harvest.

1 Cor. 2:4, 5
And my speech and my message were not in plausible words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

John believes that through intimacy with the Holy Spirit coupled with walking in obedience, we will see God’s will revealed on earth.

John has trained under and discipled with many Godly men of faith including evangelists, revivalist and prophets such as Bobby Connor,  Reinhard Bonke,  Charlie Robinson and Jerame Nelson.  He also served as a radical missionary in Indonesia from 2004-2005.

To read his story or more about him:  http://www.harvestculture.com/johns-story

Darren Canning

Darren Canning

Darren Canning is a husband, father, artist, blogger, author, preacher, and world traveler.   He is a revival preacher who seeks God with his whole heart and want to see people connect to the father with a true heart of intimacy.  He believes that when people touch the face of God they are undone and changed. They are like Saul, who became Paul, on the road to Damascus. He was not expecting a visitation from Jesus but that is what he received.

Darren expects God encounters to occur in the lives of those he meets and believes it is what is needed to see lasting change come to the hearts of people.

He travels throughout the globe seeing revival fire spread wherever he goes.

Some of Darren’s Testimony:

Darren first entered ministry over 20 years ago. When he was a young man he was a youth pastor at a church on the East Coast of Canada, where he saw many young people saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.

However, he went through some difficulties with church leadership and as a result was forced to leave and a revival broke out there three months later. Darren became very angry with God, blaming him for the lack of justness around what happened to him and for allowing a revival to break out where he believed he had been treated so badly. He was confused by what he felt was the unjust nature of God.

A year later he was studying a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and political science, when he encountered arguments for the non-existence of God. In one moment, Darren renounced his faith and became an Atheist and would continue in this lifestyle for 9 years. He graduated with top honors from University with two degrees, a BA and  Master’s in Public Administration, which prepared him for work with the Federal Government of Canada.

After University he achieved great success as a Governmental Analyst working for the Auditor General of Canada and the Treasury Board Secretariat, but lost everything that was dear to him, including a marriage, children and a home. He lived a very selfish lifestyle and was dependent on alcohol and other substances to make it through his day. One year after his marriage fell apart, and 7 years after becoming an atheist, he was hanging in a closet with a rope around his neck trying to end his life, when God called out to him reminding of the call on his life.

That night the Lord brought him into the heavenlies in a vision and showed him the revival ministry that he would be a part of. Hope began to burn in his heart again, but it took two more years for him to break free from the strongholds of Atheism that held tight to his life.

He came back to the Lord in 2004 and the Lord began a work of restoration in his life through the ministry of Pastor Mark Redner in Kinburn, Ontario. Darren was a part of the Kinburn Revival for seven years and saw hundreds of lives saved and thousands touched by the power of God in the Ottawa Valley area and beyond.

He currently travels to different churches throughout Canada and the United States as a revivalist preacher.  He also develops prophetic and healing conferences with his apostolic friends.  He see signs and wonders and miracles everywhere he goes.

Darren is married to Lydia and they have 4 sons and 1 daughter.  He also has two more beautiful daughters from his first marriage and is a proud grandfather to Jamairius.


November 2014 Darren started Ucanprophesy Youtube videos.  This channel and the website www.ucanprophesy.org are dedicated to mentoring and teaching the body of Christ in the Prophetic Life and ministry.

Bill Prankard

PRANKARDBill Prankard is a man with a burning vision for revival.   In 1972, while pastoring a small Pentecostal Church in Beachburg, Ontario, Canada, he had a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit, through Kathryn Kuhlman’s ministry, that launched him into international healing and evangelism ministry.  Thousands of people have received outstanding physical miracles and spiritual transformations as he crosses denominational lines and carries the full Gospel message, “in demonstration of the Spirit and power.”

 Alex Osorio

ALEX (2)Rev. Osorio founded the Fire of God Church, a budding non-denominational Christian charismatic ministry. “He is a pastor in the true sense of the word. If one of his sheep goes astray, he goes to find it … I’ve never seen a minister like him. He’s amazing. He just emanates life.”  He is a man who loves & wants to Serve God above all else!

A former Pentecostal minister from Nicaragua, Osorio immigrated to Canada in 1985 to escape civil war. For nine years, he organised informal worship groups in homes on the weekends. Then one night in 1996, Osorio’s view of religion changed dramatically during a drive home from Toronto.
“I’d been looking for a relationship with God. Then suddenly, this overwhelming feeling rushed over me. I felt an incredible sense of peace and love. The car got all hot and I had to pull over. It was so powerful that I cried at the roadside for 45 minutes . . . God became real for me that night.”

Miracles then began occurring — the blind were sighted and cancers cured at his touch.  Teresa Duarte was cured of leukaemia five months after being told she had only a year to live.

His preaching developed new passion, which his followers say aroused “fuego en el corazón” (fire in the heart). He credits them for coming up with the name Fire of God, and says it was at their urging that he established a formal church.

After a few months of fundraising, the group bought the old Bingo Hall on 212 Murray Street and transformed it into a church. It opened February 1997.

Osorio’s sermons are the antithesis of the boring Sunday morning services he says most Canadians are used to. In lieu of organs, drums pound and trumpets blare Christian hymns to funky Motown rhythms. People get up, dance, yell, cry, fall to the ground.

Ottawa By-Ward Market is taken by the Fire of Love.  The Fire of God church has taken in dozens of castaways, and some members claim their efforts are helping reduce crime in the Market.  They’ve brought runaways home, sobered the drunk and drug-addicted, and prevented suicides.  Many people have been delivered, set free and healed of various sickness and diseases.